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ShakaSho Hazy Double IPA -- 8% ABV, 32 IBU

This hazy double IPA was brewed in collaboration with our good friends from Local Brewing Company in San Francisco. TRIPLE dry-hopped, this hazy has plenty of juicy pineapple on the nose and the front end, but dries out nicely on the back.

Hops:  Strata, Galaxy, Mosaic

13oz. Snifter $10.00    4oz. Taster $4.00

Accidental Porter -- 4.5% ABV, 29 IBU

Dark medium bodied beer with a nice balance of malty sweetness, roast character and slight hoppiness. Life is full of happy accidents!

Hops: Colombus, Cascade

16 oz. Pint $7.75        4oz. Taster $2.50

Just The Tip -- 5.3% ABV, 40 IBU

We sourced young spruce tips from the Pacific Northwest to create this bright and refreshing light amber ale. The spruce tips provide a vibrant array of aromas and flavors that range from freshly picked berries to ripe peaches. With only one hop addition to this beer, all of the flavors and aromas are provided by the 16 pounds of fresh spruce tips, used in place of traditional late hops. A touch of oats creates a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. Big, bright and juicy flavors don't always come from hops!

Hops: Spruce Tips, Columbus

16 oz. Pint $8.50        4oz. Taster $3.50


Fizzy Yelo Wooder Light Lager -- 3.5% ABV, 9 IBU

Summer is officially here so it's time to start crushing some cold ones! 

We all want that boardshort bod, so at roughly 100 calories this crushable light lager will quench your thirst without killin' your waistline!

Hops:  Crystal

16oz. Pint $7.75    4oz. Taster $2.50

El Jefe (our El Guapo aged in tequila barrels 2 yrs)  -- 5.8% ABV, 15 IBU

Wood character on the nose, tequila on the finish w/ classic El Guapo in the background all the way through.

Hops: Columbus

13oz. Snifter $8     4oz. Taster $3.25


Coming Soon

16oz. Pint $7.75   4oz. Taster $2.50

Core Styles


Kewalo’s Cream Ale -- 5% ABV, 15 IBU

Our lightest and most refreshing beer. Soft pale straw color and crystal clear clarity, balanced by a touch of herbal hops to provide a clean and crisp finish. Soft nose of pears and apples.

Hops: Columbus, Crystal

16oz. Pint $7.75   4oz. Taster $2.50

Pia Mahiʻai Honey Citrus Saison -- 5.6% ABV, 15 IBU

A tribute to the farmers of Hawaii; this classic Belgian farmhouse ale is brewed with locally grown oranges, lemons, limes, lemongrass, and Big Island Honey. Our house saison yeast creates complex flavors of allspice, clove, and a slight peppery finish.

Hops: Columbus

16oz. Pint $7.75   4oz. Taster $2.50

El Guapo Golden Ale -- 5.8% ABV, 25 IBU

This golden ale is brewed with agave, limes, and cilantro.  It is easy drinking, has a slight sweetnes, citrus nose, and a peppery finish. Lime and cilantro aromas open up to a mild malt flavor with hints of lime. The cilantro cuts through the sweetness and finishes with a bit of pepper.

Hops:  Columbus

16oz. Pint $7.75    4oz. Taster $2.50

*Make it a spicy michelada featuring Chef JJ's Quarantine Hot Sauce   $1.50*

Cocoweizen -- 5.5% ABV, 10 IBU

We brewed a classic Bavarian Hefeweizen with hand-toasted coconut to give this hazy wheat beer a wonderfully light tropical aroma and flavor. Traditional Hefeweizen yeast creates a mix of banana, pineapple, and clove flavors that are gently complemented by the addition of coconut.

Hops: Crystal

16oz. Pint $7.75   4oz. Taster $2.50

Parking Tickets Red Ale -- 5.1% ABV, 29 IBU


Dont worry your car is safe with this ticket. Sit back and sip on an easy drinking, malt forward, red ale, that will feed that meter.

Hops:  Columbus, Cascade

16oz. Pint $7.75    4oz. Taster $2.50

Point Panic Pale Ale -- 5.3% ABV, 36 IBU

While some pale ales venture into the IPA realm of bitterness and alcohol, Point Panic Pale Ale has a smooth malt backbone with notes of toasted bread, a touch of sweetness and bright citrus. Just enough piney hoppiness to kick you in your taste buds. 

Hops: 5 additions of Cascade all the way through.......

16oz. Pint $7.75    4oz. Taster $2.50


Pussy Grabs Back Extra Pale Ale -- 6% ABV, 38 IBU

Brewed by women, to benefit women in beer, our extra pale ale which borderlines at IPA, has a citrus piney nose with hints of stone fruit and grass, followed by a slightly sweet malt bill, and finishes dry and hoppy.

Hops: Palisade, Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic, Loral 

*A portion of the sales proceeds are donated to the Pink Boots Society*

16oz. Pint $8    4oz. Taster $3

Hop Island IPA (HI-PA) -- 7.5% ABV, 83 IBU

A bold, dank, and resiny light bodied IPA loaded with a melody of hop aromas and flavors. A solid strong pine base layered with bright and vibrant notes of tangerine, grapefruit, pineapple, and a hint of fresh berries.

Hops: Columbus, Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic

16oz. Pint $7.75    4oz. Taster $2.50

Sheltered Bay IPA -- 6.3% ABV, 69 IBU


Medium-full bodied, deep copper colored Pacific Northwest style IPA full of bold hop flavors that are balanced by a strong malt backbone. It has a complex aroma of sweet toffee, freshly baked bread, and vibrant orange and grapefruit zest.

Hops: Columbus, Cascade, Centennial

16oz. Pint $7.75    4oz. Taster $2.50   

Makakilo Brown Ale -- 6.0% ABV, 37 IBU

An American Brown Ale with a nice medium body and mild, roasty flavors. The aroma and flavor are dominated by freshly baked dark bread, sweet notes of caramel layered with hints of plums and figs which blend well with the bright citrus and berry flavors from the hops.

Hops: Columbus, El Dorado

16oz. Pint $7.75    4oz. Taster $2.50

South Shore Stout -- 5.8% ABV, 34 IBU

An American Stout with notes of dark chocolate, sweet tobacco, and burnt caramel. A touch of sweetness, a touch of bitter, and a touch of roast combine to create a perfect full bodied and full flavored stout. 

Hops: Columbus, Crystal

16oz. Pint $7.75    4oz. Taster $2.50


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