• Honolulu Beerworks (map)
  • 328 Cooke Street
  • Honolulu, Hawaii

...a Collaboration with Upland Brewing Co + Honolulu Beerworks

Zest of Both Worlds is the liquid embodiment of the Meyer lemon, a sweeter version of the lemons most of us are used to with a more complex aroma that stretches into the spectrum of other citrus fruits like orange and lime. Not only was this beer brewed with the Meyer lemons from a local Hawaiian farm, but it was soured with a culture of bacteria harvested from the skins of lemons from that same farm. Zest pours golden yellow with a light haze. The aroma is that of refreshing citrus with a delicate spicy background. Lemon/orange citrus character and a crisp lactic acidity dominate the flavor followed by light grainy notes from a rustic malt bill and ending with a clean dry finish.